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Company Profile

(I) Brief History

          A group of contractors and interested persons hired the Ywama Steel Mill of the No (3), Mining Enterprise, the Ministry of Mines, under a 10-years contract from 1 September 1998 to 31 August 2008, to supply construction materials for the increasing number of development projects in the nation. The group founded the National Industrial Holding Ltd., set up a capital of K 835 million, with the contribution of 33 shareholders, to run the mill. However, due to the national requirement, the mill was transferred back to the State on 31 May 2002. Later, the company joined forces with the interested persons of the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association and formed the National Development Company Group Limited. The newly formed company is running the trade, industry, construction and services enterprises. The company has been reorganized into a public company, and shares have been sold to the public for two times. It is now firmly standing as the strongest private business organization in Myanmar.

(2) Profile of the National Development Company Group Ltd. (NDCG)

          Will observe and implement the State's Economic Objectives
          Will cooperate with intellectuals and technicians for development of the private sector
          Will Share the profits derived from the business carried out through public participation in public interest
          Will energetically take part in the drive to modernize and develop the whole nation while keeping the national cause in the

(3) Members of the Advisory Group


Ambassador U Hla Maung (Retd)
U Arnt Kyaw
U Aung Kyee Myint
U Soe Myint

Former Executive Director, ADB. Former Director General, Ministry of Planning & Finance
Former Director General, Department of Human Settlement & Housing Development.
Advisor at the Ministry of Construction
Former Managing Director, Industry (1)

(4) Members of the Board of Directors of NDCG

also include other directors such as:
U Shwe Kyaing Director Wah Wah Win International Co., Ltd.
U Maung Maung Director Asia Express Co., Ltd.
U Maung Maung Director Shwe Kabar Mg Mg Construction Co., Ltd.
U Soe Myint Director F.M.I Construction Co., Ltd.
U Zaw Zaw Naing Director May Khalar Co., Ltd.
U Aung Htwe Director Golden Flower Co., Ltd.
U Yan Win  Director A1 Construction Co., Ltd.
U Maung Maung Gyi  Director MMG Construction & Trading Co., Ltd.
U Khin Maung Aye Director Khin Maung Aye Co., Ltd.
U Myo Win  Director Win Shwe Yi Co., Ltd.
U Maung Weik Director Maung Weik & Family Co., Ltd.
U Thein Han Director Tokyo Pipe Co., Ltd.
U Kyaw Naing Oo Director Naing Group Co., Ltd.
U Kyaw Kyaw Director KY Kyaw Kyaw Co., Ltd.
U Nay Lin Director Nay Lin & Sons Co., Ltd.
U Mya Han Director Forturn International Co.,Ltd.
U Kyaw Win Director Shwe Than Lwin Co., Ltd.
U Tun Win Director Mahar Myanmar Co., Ltd.
U Tun Lwin Director Tun Star Co., Ltd.
Daw Khin San Tin Director Myanmar Ahla Construction Co., Ltd.
Financial Statement

1. Investment
          The company is running its businesses with a total capital of Kyat 4,186.248 million contributed by 33 (A) shareholders and 2,686 (B) shareholders.

2. Unit price per share
          First, the shares were sold at a unit price of Kyat 10,000. According to the evaluation, that was approved by Win Thin & Associates, Certified Public Accountants, the unit share price was fixed at Kyat 14,000. The prevailing unit share value at present is Kyat 16,300.

3.Taxes paid to the state ( Kyats in million)
    up to 2004-2005 2005-2006 Total
1. Factory rental fee
2. Electricity charges
3. Commerical tax
4. Income tax


4. Profit in fiscal year 2005-06

          The four branches company are running construction, trade, industrial and services enterprises with might and main. A total of Kyat 658.314 million was distributed to shareholders at 36 per-cent per unit share.
           Upto 2005-06 fiscal year a total of kyat 2909.94 million was distributed to shareholders.

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