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1.   The Goverments commitment to shaping a discipline-flourishing democracy with the seven-point future policy has been made
public. At present, as the first stage of the seven-point roadmap, the National Convention is in progress with the paticipation of the people from all Walks of life to write a constitution.

2.    With the aim of making itself a force that can be of some help for the establishment of the economic life of the country. The National Development Company Group Limited, replying on the expertise of successful businessmen, developers, intellectuals and technocrats, came into existence as a giant company. The company started life in 1998-1999, and now it has entered seventh year. Later, it was reconstituted as a Public Company Limited' with a capacity of nearly 3,000 shareholders by extending additional invitation to entrepreneurs, technocrats, intellectuals and the general public as of 2002-2003 to create an opportunity that allows public investment on a commercial scale and to stand as a national economic force. In lieu of undertaking a single production enterprise, the company is now extensively carrying out with might and main such tasks as construction, trading and general services. starting from 2002-2003 fiscal.

3.    On account of the guideline provide by the Goverment, the assistance offered by the leadership of the State and the concerted efforts made by the chairman and directors, success has been achieved to and extent that 36 percent of dividend for each shareholding of individuals shareholders were able to be divided in the year when the company transformed itself into a Public Company Limited. Even last year in which some companies were faced with economic hardships that slowed down their business functions, the National Development Company Group Limited could give a helping hand to the unfortunate and write success stories in the line of strategic trade and construction industries as a result of the unity and efficiency of the members of the board of directors.

4.   Serious and careful steps are being taken to undertake only safe and certain businesses in accord with the Governments guidelines, the experienced and thoroughgoing advisory group's suggestions and the active and well-versed board of directors' decisions. So the people will not make a loss of their hardearned incomes on the deal in which they invest with trust. Upto 2004/05 fiscal year, the company paid over K1759 million in tax to the State, while over 243.4 million were donated to religious and social activities on behalf of the shareholders.

5.   As considerable profits have been made also in this year, arrangements al-c under way to pay dividends to respective shareholders. Moreover, business programmes to be cat-tied out in the years to come are also in hand. The company will work harder keeping in the fore the interests of the people , and will listen to the sincere advice of shareholders, technician and intellectuals with respect for the success of the company. All in all, out-gratitude is due to all those who render help in various ways for the successof our company.

Dr. Khin Shwe
National Development Company Group Limited.

Home Company Profile & Financial Statement Branches Activities & Invitation
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